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International Shipping out of Phoenix

Trusted International Shipping International shipping is vital to many businesses and individuals around the world. During the pandemic, the process became much more challenging for several shipping companies. Even now, as the world is reopening and recovering, we...

How to Build a Custom Shipping Crate

Tips from the Pros! Deciding to build your own shipping crate can save you money, but be sure you get the insight of a trusted and experienced crating and shipping company. At Craters & Freighters, there are decades of knowledge to back up our shipping crate...

How To Prepare and Pack a Grandfather Clock for Shipping

Owning a grandfather clock comes with a set of responsibilities that contribute to its longevity, craftsmanship, and performance. And that’s just when it’s sitting in your home. When it comes to packaging and shipping your grandfather clock, meticulous care and detail...

How To Prepare a Chandelier for Shipping

Chandeliers add ambiance and sophistication to any space, but those things come at a price. Often, chandeliers are expensive, which means that if you invest in one, you want it with you for years to come. At Craters & Freighters in Phoenix, we understand that...

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