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Whether you’re an individual, a small business, or a big corporation, shipping large items across U.S. borders can be a tall order. For successful large-item shipments, you should always use high-quality materials and an experienced shipping company.

This post details how you should ship large assets internationally and why partnering with an experienced shipping company is a responsible way to handle the project.

What is Considered a Large Item & How to Start an Overseas Shipment

First, knowing whether your item is considered large will help you determine the best way to package and ship it so you can stay within your budget. So, if you’re unsure about the dimensions and weight of your item, you’ll want to get out that tape measure.

Every shipper has its own set of size and weight requirements, so the large shipment title varies depending on the outfit you work with. Before contacting an international shipping company, have measurements and weights on hand for a smooth process and to ensure you get proper quotes.

Other information to have readily available to help you get the most accurate quote includes:

  • Where your item is coming from
  • Where your item is headed
  • Timeframe limitations
  • Preferred mode of transportation, if any
  • What the asset is (some shippers may not have the ability to ship specific items)
  • Whether you’d like insurance (if you don’t know, ask about cargo insurance options)

Packaging & Containing Large Assets for International Shipment

When shipping assets worldwide, there are a couple of extra steps that must be taken to ensure the shipment arrives safely and efficiently.

  • Materials used to package and crate the item must meet all entry requirements into foreign countries. Wood for crates needs to be ISPM-15 certified, which means it’s passed inspections pertaining to pest infestations. The wood will be stamped to show it’s been treated (called the bug stamp).
  • Packaging your item should be intentional and proactive. No matter how your asset is getting to its final destination, you should create a cushioning strategy that nurtures its safety no matter what happens along the way.

While no one can know what will happen while in the rigorous shipping stream, from intense weather to delays, you should always package your item extremely well to help it survive unforeseen challenges. Only use high-quality materials to pack and contain your item. Cheaply made boxes, tape that doesn’t stay sticky, or padding that loses its cushion can damage or ruin your item completely while in transit.

4 DIY Tips for Global Shipments

If you’d like to package and crate your assets yourself, please review these pro tips for shipping worldwide, to ensure you use the correct materials.

  1. Package large items in strongly constructed boxes or ISPM-15 treated wood, and don’t use old or used boxes; your containers must be able to withstand transportation and hold your asset’s weight
  2. Use heavy-duty shipping tape to seal your boxes along each seam and apply at least once to reinforce its strength
  3. Use foam enclosures and corrugated boards to cushion the contents of your heavy item; outline the box with a cushioning barrier and be sure your item has been wrapped based on its needs
  4. Consider doubling the box for more protection possible, adding additional padding between each side of the two boxes

Working with Professional International Shippers

The best reason to work with an international shipping company is because they know what they’re doing. At Craters & Freighters Phoenix, we use quality materials, equipment, and technology to design the optimal protection for your asset, and we have a global reach with a reputation that can’t be matched.

Our international shipping team offers numerous solutions, so you have only one point of contact throughout the process. We keep your assets close to hand at all times.

Among others, common large-item international shipping services we offer include:

Whether you’re shipping industrial items or antiques, we’re prepared to help you from start to finish.

Contact our Phoenix international shipping company and get your free quote today.