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Medical Equipment Shipping


Medical Equipment Packaging & Shipping in Phoenix

If you’re looking for the safe, efficient crating and shipping of your medical equipment, Craters & Freighters in Phoenix is a leader in the shipping industry. We have the experience to fully support your project. We’ve handled all kinds of medical devices, packaging and shipping them locally, nationally, and globally.

As experts in specialty shipping, we have everything necessary to ensure your oversized, fragile, sensitive, and valuable medical assets are managed successfully. We also know that your cargo’s arrival may be time-sensitive, and we have comprehensive solutions to keep it in our capable hands throughout its journey.

Our team will meticulously pack each device using thoughtful care, spec-driven software, and an array of shipping solutions, maximizing security protocols and getting your essential items where they need to go.

Full shipping services are important to your streamlined process; working with shippers who provide pickup, packaging, containing, insuring, shipping, and delivery will keep your article in the safe hands of one outfit. You just pay for and schedule the shipping and delivery off our dock; we’ll do the rest.

We work with medical providers and distributors who trust us to handle their assets. We’d love the opportunity to earn your trust, too.

Tailored Crating, Packaging, & Shipping

Having worked with various medical industry professionals, we know the necessary steps to take when shipping their sensitive items. Protective design is essential to your shipment because people and businesses count on your product to arrive safely and in working condition.

Our team studies each item carefully so we can engineer its optimal packaging. Weight, size, fragility, mode of transport, final destination, and more are considered, and we never take a one-size-fits-all approach.

With the information discovered, we choose the best packaging, container, and transportation options to ensure a safe delivery. Medical equipment is typically secured to skids, cushioned, and crated for damage-free transport; however, we analyze each device to find the best option.

We use high-quality packaging materials to prevent abrasion, vibration, shock, and moisture, including:

Commonly Shipped Medical Equipment

You have a business to look after, and dealing with the shipping of your medical devices shouldn’t take away from that. We have everything you’re looking for in a shipping company. Our in-house teams are dedicated to your unique needs and stop at nothing to get your assets packed and shipped safely.

Let our team design the shipping plan that meets all your requirements. We understand the nature of medical equipment shipping and know we can be of service to you.

We can ship your items almost anywhere in the world. Some of the medical devices we work with include:

  • CT scanners
  • MRI machines
  • Diagnostic equipment
  • Lab equipment
  • X-ray devices
  • Lasers
  • Surgical equipment
  • Hospital furniture
  • And more

Have a shipping project you think is too challenging? Contact us; we’re up for it.

Medical & Pharmaceutical Equipment Won at Auction

If your medical, pharmaceutical business requires purchasing equipment won at auctions, working with an experienced shipper will help streamline your process. Knowing how to pick-up, pack, insure and ship these items directly from an auction house will allow your project to move in a timely manner.

At Craters & Freighters Phoenix, we’ve partnered with numerous individuals and businesses that need shipping companies that understand their way around auction sales. We’ll pick up your assets, custom crate and package them, and get them delivered wherever you’d like.

Craters & Freighters Phoenix for Your Shipping Needs

Your medical and pharmaceutical equipment needs the touch and sophistication of an experienced, professional shipping company. We have the custom packaging solutions, the shipping options, and the logistical support that makes shipping with us easy and efficient.

At our Phoenix medical equipment shipping company, we provide every customer with a level of customer support that can’t be matched. Let us enhance your shipping experience.

To ensure we can work within your timeframe, we offer various shipping solutions, including:

Get a fast, free, no-obligation cost estimate from Craters & Freighters Phoenix.

Provide some information on your medical equipment crating, packaging or shipping requirements and and we’ll reply promptly with a figure you can use in your planning. Be sure to ask about our cargo insurance for even more confidence throughout your shipping project.

In order to provide you with an estimate you can use, please provide the following information:

  • Your information: Name, address, phone
  • Destination information: Receiver’s name, address, phone, and email
  • The size of the article (L x W x H)
  • The weight of the article
  • Whether you want insurance for your article, and for what amount

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