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Tips from the Pros!

wood crate

Deciding to build your own shipping crate can save you money, but be sure you get the insight of a trusted and experienced crating and shipping company. At Craters & Freighters, there are decades of knowledge to back up our shipping crate designs.

When shipping your valuable items, it’s important that you use the correct packing materials and seek out direction from a knowledgeable source to ensure they arrive safely. Whether you choose to work with a crating and shipping company or do it yourself, the design and engineering of your shipping crate are consequential to a successful shipment.

Understanding what goes into building a shipping crate, utilizing options that meet the needs of your item, and knowing that the shipping stream is unpredictable will help you create a container that can withstand the process. You should never underestimate the level of protection necessary for a damage-free arrival.

DIY Shipping Crate Execution

Step 1: Measure article to be successfully crated. Make sure to measure all three dimensions: length, width and height of the item. Weigh your item to make sure the crate base you are going to create is strong enough to support. Many failures occur when the base of the crate is not strong enough to handle the load and transportation rigors.

Step 2: Plan for how you are going to pack your item in your DIY crate. What type of cushioning will be used? Isolate any trouble spots (fragile areas) on your article. Determine if you will need internal bracing.

Step 3: Select the right materials to build your crate with. Does your crate need to be ISPM-15 bug stamped for international shipping? Select wood that corresponds with the strength of the crate needed to protect your item.

Step 4: Contact the carrier to ship your item. They will need all final dimensioning and weight of the item. Common carriers typically offer insurance by pound and will only replace pennies on the dollar for your article.

If it’s all a bit much and you need help at any time, feel free to contact Craters & Freighters of Phoenix, and our team will take away all of your worries concerning pick up, crating, packing, insuring, shipping and delivery. Contact us or request a quote online anytime.

Craters & Freighters Shipping Crate Design

First-hand experience matters when it comes to the optimal design of your crate, so ensure you work with a custom crating team that has solutions to meet your requirements.

Our professional staff builds custom crates meticulously, paying close attention to the smallest details while offering the full spectrum of shipping services. Phoenix Craters & Freighters understands what’s needed to keep your item safe from start to finish.

How we build our shipping crates:

  • Discussion with client–we learn each client’s needs, specifications, goals, and budget before determining the best crating and shipping strategy
  • Thorough assessment of the item–several factors should be considered prior to crate design, including size, weight, value, mode of transport, destination, and more
  • Utilize in-house teams–our designers and engineers work together using spec-driven technology, specialized equipment, and thoughtful analysis to create a container that precisely matches the asset being shipped
  • Build the crate–using strong, quality wood; our teams cut it down to meet the correct size and secure it together using the appropriate heavy-duty materials
  • Package the crate–the crate needs to be properly and securely packaged to stay safe throughout transit or while in storage
  • Mark the crate–to ensure the crate gets to the right place the right way, it will be marked by our team

Building a shipping crate should be done with care, never with a generalized approach. Whether you build on your own or hire a company, make the responsible choice of learning from or partnering with a crating and shipping outfit that values the importance of your assets and proves it.

Tailored Packaging to Optimize Protection

Reinforcing the shipping crate is just as important as the crate itself. Without customized packaging, your items are at risk. Providing packaging solutions that enhance the safety of your assets is vital.

Comprehensive packaging services may include:

  • Bracing and padding–methods that keep the item from moving inside the crate
  • Anti-static packaging–specially designed wraps, cushioning, and barriers will keep electrostatic discharges from damaging sensitive electronic items
  • Cushioning–accounting for your item’s density, shock value, drop, vibration, and recovery, we’ll use materials like polyethylene or polyurethane foams to cushion your item in its container
  • Heat shrink wrapping–for items that need to be stored, we offer wrapping techniques that protect against the elements and unwrap easily, leaving your asset damage-free
  • Vapor barrier packaging–sensitive items or bare metal surfaces can become corroded if in contact with salt water and salt water vapor; this packaging minimizes the risk

Packaging methods that complement your item and its shipping crate contribute significantly to a successful outcome, so don’t forget this step.

Shipping Crates Built to Meet Your Needs

From extensive protection like blocking and bracing to determining the optimal crate size to using quality materials to build your shipping crate, our Phoenix crating and shipping company has what it takes to manage your unique shipment, should you decide to hire a crating company.

With our numerous shipping services, global reach, and customer and logistics support, your valuables get much more than a secure shipping crate. Craters & Freighters also offers cargo insurance for added confidence.

We work with various organizations, industries, and individuals, all looking for the same thing: a safe, reliable shipment and a damage-free, on-time arrival of their goods.

Solutions that are often combined with crating services include:

Smart, effective shipping crate construction and matching packaging are essential to your secure shipment. Your container must be able to withstand the shipping process, especially when traveling far and touching many hands.

If you’re ready to get your items shipped with us or if you’d like more information on how to build a shipping crate, contact us in Phoenix today. And you can get your no-obligation cost estimate at any time. Online quote request form here.