reusable trade show wood crates

Trade Show & Exhibition Shipping Phoenix

Craters & Freighters is here to provide custom solutions for your assets or products that need to be shipped repeatedly.

Craters and Freighters Phoenix with 25+ years of producing crates for the Trade/Exhibition show client has an in house engineering team to work with the client on their needs. One of our core competencies is listening to individual clients and building custom made trade/exhibition show crates that reflect utility and durability for repeated shipments within the trade show shipping channel. Interior carpet lined walls, ramps, shelves; heavy-duty caster, and link locks (twist locks) are enhancements we can add to your next show crate. We are also aware of regulations and policies most exhibit show companies demand and can help the experienced and novice company go to a trade show with confidence.

Package, Crate and ship your valuables with Craters & Freighters Phoenix by Requesting a Quote today


Benefits of Reusable Crates

More environmentally friendly by reducing packaging materials going into landfills.

Purchasing a multiple use crate will save you money over time for items needing to be shipped repeatedly.

Reusable crates are made with durable materials allowing them to be refurbished by Craters & Freighters for continued use.

Ability to have custom made storage compartments and shelving to organize all of your trade show collateral and electronic equipment

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