Shipping with an A-Frame Crate


Imagine you have a prized possession that you need to get from point A to point B in perfect condition.

Maybe it’s an antique painting that needs to be shipped from Arizona to Minnesota, or a 60” flat screen TV that needs to get from Arizona to New York without a scratch. How do you even start to think about a shipping method that will preserve the quality of your beloved item?

The simple answer is an A-frame crate. If you have no idea what an A-frame shipping crate is, you need to know for all of your future shipping or moving endeavors.

An A-frame crate is used when the item being shipped cannot be laid flat in a tractor-trailer, primarily due to fragility, size or weight.  A-frame crates are constructed using “skids,” or bottom runners, to allow pallet jack or forklift accessibility, as well as “stringers” to prevent accidental tipping.  Plywood gussets in the shape of an “A” are secured to the ends of the crate and the skids for added stability.

In basic terms, an A-frame crate will secure your item so it is shipped standing up while being secured in the vehicle. Imagine a saw horse but in crate form.

Because of the way the A-frame crate is built, the stands offer stability for any item to be able to travel without falling over during the transportation process.

Most commonly, Craters and Freighters Phoenix uses A-frame crates for shipping large paintings, granite slabs and signage, but this A-frame crate format would work for most large, rectangular shaped objects.

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