Planting Seeds for Future Growth

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What started with one tree and a few seeds 52 years ago has grown into a living legacy for Craters & Freighters Phoenix Owner Dennis Davies. Planting seeds has always created a sense of home for Davies, both in his family life and business.

The red leaves of a Chinese tallow are not commonly found in the desert, but for Davies’ grandfather, Tom Shaw, they resembled the warmth of autumn. Shaw wanted his entire family to experience the joy he found in the tallows. In 1963, he was given a dozen Chinese tallow saplings planted in discarded Sanka coffee cans, and he planted them at his home and the homes of his family members.  Today those original trees no longer exist.

However, Davies used seeds from the original trees and planted his own tree at the house he grew up in. When his family moved to their next home, when he was a teenager, he took seeds from this tree and planted another.  A few years after his parents moved out, Davies went back to that house, knocked on the door and asked the new residents if he could take seeds from the tree, explaining the long-time family tradition.

Davies then planted two trees outside of the Craters & Freighters Phoenix office. These Chinese tallow trees are fourth generation, stemming from the original planted more than 50 years ago.

In partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation and Trees for the Future, Craters & Freighters will celebrates it's 25th Anniversary by planting a tree for every crate they make, to positively impact environmental conservation. As a national leader in crating and shipping, Craters & Freighters strives to leave an eco-friendly footprint through conservation initiatives.

Be a part of this initiative to make a difference by using Craters & Freighters for your crating and shipping needs.

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