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At Craters & Freighters Phoenix we are able to give you a quote usually within 5 minutes, unless it is going ocean and shipping door-to-door, which will typically add a couple of day to send your the full quote due to the time needed to get the inbound delivery charges at the destination point. We also offer door-to-port ( both air and ocean) delivery m with or without customs clearance. Many people don't want to have to hire a customs broker, so this service adds to the convenience of using our company for your shipping needs.

We will pick-up or receive your shipments and provide a safe secure, and convenient storage facility. Our fully equipped warehouse and expert staff, we pick up or receive, inspect, store, (short period of time only) package, ship, and deliver you item (s) safely. We can load and unload freight for receiving or shipping and have full containers delivered for loading if your needs require an entire container. We have inventory control and all your item are physically identified with a control number that matches our internal freight bill number that you will get a copy of during the pick up or delivery.

Package, crate and ship your valuables with Craters & Freighters call and Request a Quote Today!

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