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Complete Shipping Services From Phoenix to the World- Craters & Freighters Can Help

Unlike most crating or packing companies who only package an item, Craters & Freighters of Phoenix not only provides professionally constructed crates and boxes, we also have the ability to ship what we pack. It's a niche unlike anything in the marketplace. We crate and we freight, just like our name says. For our clients, it's a one-stop, no-hassle crating and shipping source for all your crating and shipping needs.

Our national network of Craters & Freighters locations has allowed us to negotiate very attractive discounts in the freight sector. These discounts are passed along to you. Domestically, we provide air cargo shipping, LTL (less-than-truckload) shipped, FTL (full truckload) shipping, partial -load shipping. Within each mode of transport, we can provide same-day, next-day, second-day, three-day and deferred shipping options, all at very competitive pricing.

Internationally, we provide door-to-door and door-to-port air and ocean cargo as well. If you require a full 20 foot or 40-foot ocean container for all your larger items, we can provide that too.

So you see, there's really no reason to go  anywhere else for your crating and freighting needs when Craters & Freighters can do it all under one roof very easily, conveniently and affordably.

Freight Forwarding

Whether you need Pack & Crate Only or Transportation Only services, you can count on Craters & Freighters of Phoenix America’s leader in Specialty Freight solutions.

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International Shipping

Craters & Freighters is one of the only shipping companies that specializes in international export shipping. Our experts will assist you with all international documentation and ensure your items will clear customs.

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IT & Electronics Shipping

Leading IT, technology, software and hardware companies rely on Craters & Freighters' expert server rack and electronics packaging, crating and shipping solutions.

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Motorcycle Shipping

If you need a reusable crate for a trip around the world or a move across country. Are you planning to attend a motorcycle rally across the country, have a fly and ride vacation planned, or did you purchase a motorcycle online?

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Robotics & Unmanned Systems Shipping

Craters & Freighters Phoenix are the experts in unmanned systems packaging, crating and shipping. We ship whether your items are sensitive, awkward shaped, valuable or heavy anywhere worldwide.

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Shipping Quotes

At Craters & Freighters Phoenix we are able to give you a quote usually within 5 minutes, unless it is going ocean and shipping door-to-door, which will typically add a couple of day to send your the full quote due to the time needed to get the inbound delivery charges at the destination point.

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Storage - Facilities Solutions

With our new 18,000sf warehouse, Craters & Freighters of Phoenix has the ability to offer limited, short-term storage at very competitive prices. So whether you're in between moves, have an asset the you're not sure of where it needs to go, simply want to go on vacation before receiving your shipment, Craters & Freighters of Phoenix can help.

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Transportation Services

Craters & Freighters of Phoenix uses 16-foot box trucks, 24-foot straight trucks and 20-foot flatbed trailers as part of its fleet to collect most items.

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We are authorized to pack and crate almost any high value item with special arrangements though our insurance company. This excellent coverage is available to us because of our many years of very low claims ratios.

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US Domestic Shipping From Phoenix Arizona

Craters & Freighters of Phoenix ships from coast to coast using our network of nationwide locations. We offer business-to-business, business-to-residence, and residence-to-residence domestic shipping.

US Domestic Shipping

Craters & Freighters Phoenix is the leader in all aspects of domestic shipping we can meet your domestic shipping needs from coast to coast. Typically, Craters & freighters Phoenix can ship anything that traditionally shipping companies consider to large, fragile, or heavy. Whether you're shipping from New York City to San Francisco, Miami to Seattle or across town, we have the expertise to get the job done!

Domestic Cargo Insurance

Craters & Freighters Phoenix also provides declared value cargo insurance from the time of pick up until delivery upon request. Please make sure and ask about our different insurance coverage to best suit your budget and shipment's needs.

How Our shipping Services Work

In most instances, Craters & Freighters Phoenix will pick up your items from any business or residence, safely transport them back to our warehouse, and provide packaging, crating, shipping and delivery services to the end of the truck or lift gate. Upon request, we can also deliver door-to door and assist with unpacking.

  • Residential & Business Pick up & Delivery
  • Ground Transportation
  • Air
  • Same Day
  • Next Day
  • two Day
  • Standard Economy, Three to five day
  • Door-to-Door
  • Door-to Airport

Domestic Cargo Insurance is available

Find out more about our domestic shipping services that suit your budget and shipment's needs by requesting a quote now!

International Shipping From Phoenix Arizona

Craters & Freighters Phoenix is one of the only shipping companies that specializes in international export shipping.  If you require a full 20 foot or 40 foot ocean container for your items, we can provide that too. Our experts will assist you with all international documentation and ensure your items will clear customs.

Craters & Freighters Phoenix has the experience of shipping internationally. You can rely on our expertise to help with your shipments from the USA traveling to Europe, Asia, or just about anywhere! We provide proper documentation, packaging, and crating standards to ensure international shipments arrive safe, damage free, and on time!

Craters & Freighters Phoenix also takes the hassle out of international shipping by providing ISPM-15 heat treated wood crates. Many foreign countries require that all crates made out of wood being shipped from the U.S be heat treated to reduce the risk of pest infestation. These crates require an approved stamp known as the "bug stamp" or ISPM-15 mark, certifying the crate meets international shipping standards.

Our international shipping services include the following:

  • ISPM-15 certified wood crates
  • Moisture prevention bagging/vapor barrier bagging
  • Less than container load, for smaller exports
  • Full container load, for large exports
  • Complete documentation and custom forms completion

Delivery Options Including:

  • Door-to-Door
  • Door-to-Port
  • Port-to Port
  • Shipping Insurance coverage available

Ocean Freight Shipping From Phoenix

Craters & Freighters can get it there! Our experts are knowledgeable and experienced in all aspects of ocean cargo shipping. We will arrange for pick-up in the US as well as, packing, crating, and shipping to just about anywhere on the planet! We can ship to all government approved countries. Please contact us for details!

International Packing Requirements

Many foreign countries require strict packing, crating and shipping guidelines. International Standards for Photo sanitary Measure No.15 require all solid wood packing material to be heat treated and stamped with an official mark to eliminate the risk of pest infestation. ISPM 15 requirements apply to all hardwood and softwood (coniferous and non-coniferous) packaging materials. Craters & Freighters is an ISPM-15 certified crating company. We will provide the proper documentation and packing requirements to ensure your shipment arrives safely at  port.

Vapor Barrier Packaging

Craters & Freighters also provides vapor barrier packaging for ocean shipments. this method of packaging uses a heat sealed foil bag the protects shipments from moisture damage.

Air Freight Shipping

When time is critical one call to Craters & Freighters can make shipping seem simple. We ship from the US to just about anywhere on the planet!

We have the unique ability to provide many different transportation options, including transport by air. We understand shipping guidelines and regulations for domestic and international air freight. When an item has to arrive on time, we have the expertise that delivers!

Blanket-Wrap Shipping

As an alternative to professional packaging and ground conveyance via common carrier, Craters & Freighters of Phoenix also offers blanket wrapping conveyance as a consideration. Also known as pad-wrapping, this option allows for multiple items to be conveyed to a destination at a cost that may be considerably  lower than professionally packaging and LTL conveyance. With blanket-wrap shipments, most of the large items are not professionally enclosed in a container, but instead are "wrapped" with padded moving blankets and safely and securely strapped inside a box truck for conveyance. Of course, the piece-count, weight, insured value and final destination will ultimately determine if this option is right for you.

Fragile Shipping

Craters & Freighters Phoenix has the experience with handling fragile and hard to ship items . Size, shape, Weight, glass or wood we are the trusted go-to company for many businesses and residential clients who have specialty shipping needs.

Fragile Shipping-How We Do It!

Craters & freighters Phoenix inspects the item being shipped to evaluate packing, cushioning, and crating needs. Our services are different because we don't simply place your item in a prefabricated box. We understand the hazards that can occur in the shipping process and pack and crate the item in the best possible to ensure safe and stable transport.

Insurance Coverage

Craters & freighters Phoenix offers many different types of insurance coverage for your fragile shipments including:

  • Full Coverage Cargo-based on declared value
  • Limited Liability- lost only

Typically, if a customer elects to purchase our insurance coverage and a value is declared, Craters & Freighters Phoenix will insure the item from the time of pick-up, during the packing and crating process, and finally to delivery.

Fragile Shipping For:

Sensitive Electronics- Require special care and handling. Our team of experts evaluates the needs of the electronics and will build custom floating decks, pack with anti-static and moisture barrier materials, and build a custom secured container.

Fine Art- Top galleries, art dealers, and artists trust Craters & Freighters Phoenix with their fragile one-of-a-kind artwork. All our crates and corrugated containers are custom built and cushioned for the artwork being shipping. Whether it's a priceless Picasso, delicate encaustic wax painting, or large stone sculpture, our shipping specialists will handle it with the upmost care and respect. We've mastered the art of museum shipping!

Antiques-  Appraisers and top auction houses rely on Craters &freighters Phoenix to pick up and custom pack and crate all kinds of antique items. We will custom pack , crate and ship fragile antique jukeboxes, collectibles and family heirlooms just to name a few.

Items we consider in the packaging & shipping process include:

  • Value
  • Insurance Needs
  • Pick-up & Delivery Requirements
  • Fragility Weight & Dimensions
  • Cushioning & Packaging Needs
  • Container Needs such as a Corrugated Box or Wood Crate
  • transportation Options
  • Special Requirements of the Item
  • Destination Delivery Requirements

Package, crate and ship your valuables with Craters & Freighters call and Request a Quote Today!

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