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Craters & Freighters Phoenix is trusted with moving household goods across the country, or across the world. Whether it's a piece of furniture or roomful of furniture, a one-of-a kind painting, or a family heirloom, you can count on us to get it there safely.

The fact is that most shipping agencies can't offer services to residential addresses. Craters & Freighters Phoenix, on the other hand, can. We are your unique resource for residential pick- up and delivery.

Residential Packaging, Crating & Shipping For:

  • Estate &Trust
  • Senior Moves
  • Small Moves
  • Furniture
  • Custom, High-Value Motorcycles

Consider what we can do for you:

Craters & Freighters Phoenix can pick-up your item(s), safely transport them back to our warehouse, expertly pack and crate them insure them and ship them to wherever they need to go, even to multiply places if required.

Residential Services:

  • Cargo Insurance Available
  • Pick-up & Delivery
  • White Glove delivery
  • Packaging
  • Crating
  • Domestic Shipping from Coast To Coast or State to State
  • International Shipping
  • And More!

We cover all the details:

We are the only specialty freight company that can provide you with one-step service. Our quotes include pick-up, packaging, crating, shipping, delivery, and insurance. Our 21 years of experience give you confidence that your items will be handled with care and will arrive safely.

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Estate Moves

Estate liquidation or consolidation is difficult and often full of emotional circumstance. Figuring out how to get it all from here to there makes it even more difficult ..... unless you have Craters & Freighters Phoenix there to help. We understand all the details  that need to be covered and have over two decades of experience in safely crating, packing and shipping furniture , fragile antiques and family heirlooms.

Managing the division of an estate is a complex and delicate process. "Estate Movers" is a term in the moving industry that describes a company that is capable of picking up, inventorying and shipping a few pieces of the estate to one location to multiple addresses in large or small quantities and Craters & Freighters Phoenix is exactly that company. We offer professional packing and crating of estate furniture, artwork, antiques, as well as packing of all items within the estate. Following pick-up, we will transport estate items to our crating center where they will be carefully packed, divided by final destination, and shipped to the recipients across the nation as well as internationally.

We know that estate moves can be emotionally charged situations that require delicate assistance. The professional estate movers at Craters & Freighters Phoenix are experienced and knowledgeable about the circumstances.

When the decision is made to divide an estate among family members, Craters & Freighters Phoenix is an experienced estate mover that will help you categorize the items and ship them to their destination.

Craters & Freighters Phoenix has the experience and the understanding on handing estate moves the correct way. With are detailed inventory sheets for each ship to location's set of items. They are separated into small shipments going to each of the designated locations. Every estate move, large or small, is tagged and inventoried with its own set of documents . You pay only for the weight of each shipment and its crating. This can potentially save you thousands of dollars. Very often only few pieces are needed to be shipped to one location and this is not a problem using our wide selection of shipping methods.

Our Services Include:

Our Estate Distribution Services Include:

  • Full service Pick-up and Door to Door White Glove Delivery
  • Custom Packing & Cushioning ensuring your family heirlooms and special items are fully protected
  • Corrugated Containers & Wood Crates- you're assured of the best container for safe and stable transport
  • Insurance Coverage for original art, glass and antiques
  • Transportation-We select the best carrier based on the items, your budget and your timeframe

Senior Moving Services

Moving is never easy. If you're a senior, or the family member of o Senior, moving can be stressful and challenging. That's why you will be glad to know about us. Craters & Freighters Phoenix is Arizona's Senior Move Specialist, which means we take care of all  the details associated with a move to another home, a retirement community, into independent senior living, assisted living, or a long-term care community.

We provide a full range of specialized, yet affordable services to assist Seniors and their families in making the transition as stress-free possible. Unlike some who provide a service package that includes services you may not need, we allow you the liberty to choose which services you require. And, because we understand every move is unique to the individual or situation, we do not limit ourselves to the services to the services listed here. If you have special needs, or requests, just ask us!

Our personalized Senior More Service includes 4 area of expertise:

  • Determining Your Service Needs
  • Picking up your  Household Items
  • Preparing Your Items for safe and secure Moving & Shipping
  • Delivering your Household Items

First we assess what items you need to move or ship to determine which may require cushioning, special wrapping, a corrugated box, or even a custom crate. We prepare a detailed inventory of every item and where each is being delivered (often some item are shipped to family members across the country.)

We pick-up all of the items being transferred and then make sure every item, whether it's furniture, antiques, artwork, or treasured family heirlooms is securely packed to assure safe, damage-free delivery. We then deliver or ship wherever you need them, domestically or internationally. Our White Glove Delivery can include unpacking and set-up if desired. And in the process, we can provide insurance from the time of pick-up through delivery to give you total peace of mind.

Small Moves

Most moving companies have minimum weight requirements. In other words, you will pay to ship 1,000 pounds of furniture regardless if your shipment weighs that much or not! Craters & Freighters is different; we don't have minimum weight requirements. We know there are times when customers have only a few items to be moved.

While no item is too big, too heavy, or too valuable for us, it's also true that no move is too small for us. Whether you have to move one piece of furniture or an entire roomful, or one piece of office equipment or an entire enterprise, Craters & Freighters is your one-stop, trusted resource.

  • No minimums
  • Pick-up service available
  • Containment of furniture available for transit
  • Cushioning
  • Wrapping
  • Packaging
  • Crating
  • Insurance from the time of pick-up until delivery
  • Domestic & International shipping
  • Fast quote

College Moves

Craters & Freighters Phoenix makes moving to the kids to college Easy & Affordable!

Craters & Freighters Phoenix does not have a minimum charge for your shipment. Many movers have minimums that make your moving to and from college costly. Through the Craters & Freighters network we can move you to college and back home again. Personal belongings, furniture and electronics are all handled with ease.

Use our online request a quote system or just give us a call with the number of box sizes, weight and ship to information. We will discuss your specific needs and promptly give you a price.

  • No minimums
  • Pick-up services available
  • Containment of furniture available for transit
  • Cushioning
  • Wrapping
  • Packaging
  • Crating
  • Insurance from the time of pick-up until delivery
  • Domestic & international shipping
  • Fast quotes

Package, Crate and ship your valuables with Craters & Freighters Phoenix by Requesting a Quote today

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